Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Welcome to my Blog

I have been able to see and talk with spirits all my life, ever since I was 6 months old. Working with families and connecting them together again from the ethereal realm is something that chose me. Missing people and the deceased have always come to me and ask me to find them and their killers, this is a gift or a curse, I've had for many years and I listen the best I can to convey the messages across to their loved ones. Mediumship is my strongest trait and I have honed in since childhood. I was told on many occasions, that I am a beacon for spirits. They can trust me and talk to me. 
I also talk with pets and all animals. 

Pets have always been around me and I find them honest, loving, and always interested in me. They know when they come to me, I will not harm them. Pastlives is another interest of mine. I read the energy of pastlives and do pastlife regressions. I find them to be fascinating because they contain a lot of information we can learn about in the present time. Everything is energy and I grasp hold of it and read it like a long string with many offshoots. 
I you want to learn more about what I do and what I charge, please see the ABOUT ME page.